How to bbq ribs on gas grill

How To BBQ Ribs On Gas Grill

When it comes to barbecuing ribs on a gas grill, there is no better way to get the perfect flavor than by using the right accessories. Sure, you can use your regular grilling tools, but why not take it up a notch and invest in some special accessories that will make your BBQ experience even better? From charcoal baskets and rib racks to drip pans and adjustable grates, these are the essential accessories for BBQing ribs on a gas grill.

Summer is here and that means it’s time to fire up the grill! Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, having the right accessories for your gas grill is key for making succulent BBQ ribs. With these additions to your grilling arsenal, you can take your BBQing game to the next level -you’ll be producing tender, smoky perfection in no time.

BBQ Ribs on Gas Grill

BBQ Ribs on Gas Grill

Barbecue ribs on a gas grill can be a tasty and easy way to cook up your favorite meal. There’s nothing like the flavor of slow-cooked BBQ ribs, and with a gas grill it is possible to enjoy this classic dish in your own backyard. Here are some simple steps for how to BBQ ribs on the gas grill for amazing results that everyone will love. 

First, you’ll prepare the ribs by seasoning them with salt, pepper and any other desired spices. Then place your seasoned ribs directly over medium heat on the preheated gas grill. Grill at least five minutes per side or longer if needed, depending on the thickness of your rib cuts. As they cook, use a long-handled brush or mop to apply BBQ sauce every few minutes until they are well coated.

Prepare the Grill

Grilling ribs on a gas grill can be an intimidating task, but with the right preparation and knowledge, anyone can make delicious BBQ ribs! Before you get to the cooking step, it is important to know how to properly prepare your grill. 

To start, take off your grates and clean them with a wire brush or steel wool. This will remove any debris that has been stuck on throughout the season. Once they are cleaned off, place them back onto the grill and turn up all of your burners at once. Let this heat for 10-15 minutes so that all of the burners are hot before you begin cooking. After preheating, adjust your burner setting according to whatever recipe you’re using for BBQ ribs and make sure to close the lid of the grill while cooking in order to keep in as much flavor as possible.

Preparing the Ribs

Are you ready to BBQ ribs on your gas grill? It’s a great way to get that smoky flavor without having to invest in an expensive smoker. But before you can start grilling up some delicious ribs, there are a few steps that need to be taken. Here’s how you can prepare the ribs for your gas grill:

The first step is to season the ribs with a dry rub. This mixture of herbs and spices will give the meat an added depth of flavor. You can make your own blend or purchase one from the store. Once you’ve applied the seasoning, let it sit in the fridge overnight so that it has plenty of time to really penetrate into the meat. 

Next, wrap each individual rack tightly in foil and place them back in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook them on the grill.

Smoking the Ribs

Barbecuing is a great way to make delicious food for friends and family. You can use a gas grill to prepare some of your favorite meals like ribs. Smoking the ribs on your gas grill is one of the best ways to enjoy barbecue right in your backyard.

There are several steps involved with smoking ribs on a gas grill, but they’re not difficult to do. Start by prepping the ribs by removing any membrane that may be on them and trimming off any excess fat. Then season both sides of the ribs with your favorite rubs or marinades before placing them directly onto the grate of the preheated grill set at 225°F-250°F. Cover and cook for three hours, flipping every 30 minutes or so.

Adding Wood Chips

Barbecuing ribs on a gas grill is an easy way to cook up a delicious dinner for friends and family. But adding just the right amount of wood chips can take your ribs from good to great! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you BBQ ribs like a pro, every time.

Before you start cooking, it’s important to know what types of wood chips work best with your gas grill. Different woods have different flavors and smoking points, so experiment to find the one that works best with your recipe. Applewood is mild and sweet, while hickory has a stronger flavor – perfect for pork ribs! For richer flavor, you can also mix two or more types of wood together. Once you’ve selected your ideal blend of wood chips, place them in a metal smoker box directly over the flame on one side of your grill.

Cooking the Ribs

Grilling up mouth-watering BBQ ribs is a summertime favorite. Whether you’re tailgating or having a backyard cookout, nothing beats the taste of tender, juicy ribs. Cooking the ribs on a gas grill is an easy way to get that classic smoky flavor without all the hassle of setting up and maintaining a charcoal fire. Here are some simple tips for preparing delicious BBQ ribs on your gas grill. 

The first step in cooking your ribs on the gas grill is to season them with whatever dry rub or marinade you prefer. You can also brush them with oil before seasoning to help keep them from sticking to the grates of your grill. Once your meat is prepped, it’s time to start grilling! Place the rib slabs directly over medium heat and cover with the lid, keeping vents open for airflow.

Finishing Steps

Barbecuing ribs has always been a savory summertime favorite. It takes skill and patience to get that perfect flavor, but with the right instructions, you can learn how to bbq ribs on your gas grill. Finishing off the ribs is an important step for achieving that mouth-watering taste. Here are some tips on the best way to finish cooking your ribs on your gas grill! 

The first step in finishing off your BBQ ribs is to preheat the grill until it reaches about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help ensure even cooking. Then, use tongs or a spatula to gently place each rack of rib meat onto the hot grates of the gas grill with an aluminum foil tray underneath them for catching any drips. Close the lid and cook for about 10 minutes before adding any additional flavorings or sauces you may want to use.


Barbecuing ribs on a gas grill can be a great way to enjoy some delicious barbecue in the comfort of your own home. If you follow these steps correctly, you will have tender, juicy and flavorful ribs every time. Don’t forget to experiment with different seasonings and sauces for exciting flavors. With a little practice and patience, you are sure to become an expert in barbecuing ribs! So what are you waiting for?

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